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In this multi-cloud, multi-service, and multi-network environment, Asavie has developed to become a market premier provider of private network segments that provide secure mobile access for organizations. Asavie was formed with the goal of making it easier for businesses to harness the potential of mobile devices and the IoT.

Our main aim is to assist businesses and companies in thriving in a world of personal, hybrid, and public clouds and a variety of network access methods such as cellular, WAN, and WiFiAsavie’s intelligent IoT network solution provides a foundation for IoT cloud access automation. On the IoT device, the IoT platform replaces the need for digital identities.

Furthermore, software-based administration of digital keys avoids unnecessary certificate management, allowing for more secured and faster deployments. Medical practitioners and healthcare providers on the go can use Asavie to obtain life-saving information in a secure environment. This is accomplished by removing mobile data from the public Internet and restricting access to just permitted devices.