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Doodleblue is a digital strategy consulting boutique that loves to learn, collaborate and create everything digitally. We are equipped with a number of global brands, leading consulting firms, famous start-ups, 500-year fortunes and government offices. Because digital transformation is a need of the hour, we help customers make significant and lasting improvements in the digital space. Our updated company logo marks a new era in doodleblue.

We are growing, and the business is changing rapidly, providing pioneering solutions and services worldwide. We work with all kinds of project transfers – it can be as simple as “Build us Uber” or a 275-page detailed scope document. Our customized approaches offer a variety of work methodologies for every situation. Long-distance is always a concern, be it a relationship or a business. We feel your pain. However, this should give you greater confidence that 83% of our customers are from different continents and our client’s satisfaction rate is quite awesome.

We receive many requests on the spot for video conferencing and daily waiting, and we assure you that all of this is handled easily. We have many business models to choose from. We understand that your off-site projects make you paranoid because you can’t see your team or catch up quickly. You may feel crippled, but to overcome this hurdle, we offer gold-standard tools such as Jira, Trello, Slack, Spreadsheets, Podio, or any other tool of your choice to keep you informed updated and manage your project.