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What we believe sets ELEKS apart is our commitment to provide actual value to our consumers. Our quality and attention to detail are unrivalled in the business. We’re more than just a source of information. We cherish our clients’ success more than our own, thus we share development risk with them so they can take risks with new technology.

You may tap into a talent pool of 1600+ multiskilled professionals with the ELEKS offshore software development team to fill any skill shortages in your in-house team. Our professionals are positioned for a seamless working connection with our 12 locations located in important cities across three continents. We become a committed partner for you. Our Internet of Things (IoT) development service aids in the unification of your corporate infrastructure, services, applications, and data flow.

You’ll be able to manage your business from a single location, enhancing efficiency and reducing time-to-market. Clients in transportation, agriculture, healthcare, and other industries can benefit from emerging IoT technologies like digital twins, which provide a cost-effective and accurate approach to test and future-proof methodologies through virtual simulation. For a completely connected organization with more extraordinary performance and healthier sales, we’ll help you design advanced IoT solutions that also include mobile applications as well as other smart device-compatible possibilities.