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EnCata offers end-to-end engineering services to assist our customers in completing the path from a fantastic idea to mass manufacturing and market launch. EnCata also assists businesses with a number of difficulties like as product lifecycle management, technology transfer, and commercial R&D. 

EnCata provides complete services for IoT, mobile, online, AR/AR, and cloud-based apps, including embedded systems for IIoT and IoMT, as a distinctive end-to-end product design centre that builds and integrates equipment and bespoke software for customers, industrial, and healthcare industries. 

EnCata is a full-service custom software development firm and consultancy that offers cloud-based services, engineering, quality assurance, and DevOps services for IoT and cloud-based apps, as well as embedded software for any electronics and IoT devices.

We combine domain understanding, engineering talent, and a thorough development process with a keen focus on your business requirements. EnCata’s specialist software development team can help you create a user-friendly app with cutting-edge technologies and cross-platform features.