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Folder IT & Fit4 Growth LLC, software company with Miami, FL offices and headquarter in Argentina (timezone EST+1), currently we have 140+ software engineers specialized in cutting-edge technologies. We offer software services on-demand based in different work models: 
– Staff augmentation services as reinforce to your software development teams. 
– Artificial Intelligence Development
– Internet of Things Development
– Web & Mobile Apps Development
About us:
We are Folder IT, software factory with Miami, FL offices and headquarter in Argentina with 140+ software engineers in staff: Frontend, Backend, Full-stack, Mobile, Architects, etc… in JAVA, Microsoft .NET, ASP, c#, Xamarin, PHP, React, React Native, Angular, Node.js, iOS & Android (native and hybrid), Ruby, Salesforce, Blockchain, Data Migration & Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning, Data Mining, Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Real Time, Augmented Reality, etc. We have 20 year old offering IT/software staffing offshore from South América (timezone: EST+1), all our production processes are governed for the Intenational ISO 9001:2018 certification. We’ve been 14 years working to US market – California, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts and Florida – additionally, Europa, Asia, Canada and New Zealand. Always… we look for companies willing to consider our engineers as their own software engineers, adding technology experience, high performance and commitment as key values to each software development projects. 
– STAFF AUGMENTATION: We allocate software engineers as your production arm into a direct and exclusive work model, we are your own software development team
– ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: We have a great team with high skills and expertice in AI ready to collaborate with: Machine & Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Automated Data Wrangling, Patrons behaviors, Computer vision, etc
– WEB & MOBILE APPLICATIONS: We make applications according to your requeriments. Documents with scope, detailed analysis, designs, efforts and pricing
– DATA INTEGRATION & MIGRATIONS: We make integrations and migrations of legacy software to new technologies integrating the coexistence of multiple platforms and DDBB
– INTERNET OF THINGS PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: We develop custom application for multiple devices, orchestrating data analysis and the interdisciplinary ecosystem of IoT
– UX-UI ENGINEERING: We make different works in design as previous tasks of Web and Mobile Apps. UX-UI definitions are key to build a great App
– SALESFORCE CONSULTING & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES: With 8+ years offering Salesforce services, we consider have the best professionals and consultants to understand your business, issues, concerns and needs to integrate, migrate, development and/or making grow your Salesforces solutions. 
Top customers:
Walmart – USA
Uber Eats – USA

InterCall – USA 
BurgerKing – CAN 
Atlassian – AU 
Alchemy – CAN
Cognizant – USA 

Thomson Reuters – USA
Mattel Toys – USA
Panduit – USA
Forrester – USA
AppHarvest – USA
Spain Telefónica – SPAIN 
Claro Puerto Rico – PR 
Telmex de Argentina – ARG 
Banco Bica – ARG
Telefonica de Argentina – ARG
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