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Gorilla Logic, a software engineering and consultancy firm established in 2002, specializes in enterprise-scale mobile, Web, and cloud-based services. Businesses rely on our high-performance, dispersed Agile teams to augment their current infrastructure and expedite their time towards success, thanks to our 500+ people and three locations. For businesses, the Internet of Things (IoT) is promising to be a game-changer. Connected businesses can compete alongside new and nimble rivals, discover new revenue streams, and reinvent their consumer experiences.

Gorilla Logic creates custom platforms, commercial apps, and end-to-end vertical solutions using IoT technologies. Our proprietary agile development method allows us to get from concept to implementation as quickly as possible, resulting in high-quality, high-performance web, mobile, and IoT infrastructure solutions.

Gorilla Logic has partnered with organizations to assure the success of their IoT projects enabling them to conveniently and securely manage multiple devices, conduct analysis tools and techniques, and harness real-time data to make better choices quicker since its establishment in 2006. Our IoT development teams use the most up-to-date cloud-based services to create custom systems, apps, and smart accessibility and data analytics solutions. As a result, IoT solutions with dynamically connected devices, sensors, services, and networks are robust and cost-effective.