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Full cycle IoT development

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Indeema is an IoT and blockchain company that draws on the expertise of PhD and Master’s degree holders in computer engineering, electronics, analysis, and designing. Our headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, while our tech office is located in Lviv, Ukraine. We work with organizations and startups all around the world to provide them with the tools they need to address the most challenging business and industry problems.

We’re a group of developers, designers, and skilled professionals on a mission to accelerate progress through technology and science. The Internet of Things provides a significant advantage by allowing you to interface with a large number of devices. We implement technologies that track data, automate common activities, and forecast resource allocation. Concentrate on what counts, and incorporate IoT into the rest.

Allow us to support you in developing an app that will allow customers to access your business with a single swipe. Incorporate it into the users’ regular routine. Showcase your products and services right away. The first step is to translate the clients’ needs and desires into technical specifications. We research rivals, platform developments and define typical users before beginning a project. Our mobile app development team evaluates several approaches and architectures before presenting and agreeing on the best fit with the client. Please tell us about your project and company. Allow us to create a world-class solution for your business.