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Indesign is a multi-discipline advanced engineering organization that offers complete electronic design and development services. We offer electrical, RF/wireless, embedded systems, and mechanical engineering design solutions and services. In addition to systems engineering, complex systems, project management, and predictive analysis testing, Indesign offers various support services.

The product development process in Indesign is exceptionally adaptable, allowing it to meet the requirements of your internal procedures. Indesign follows a tried-and-true method for new product development to ensure that your projects are delivered on time, with excellent product quality, and under budget. Our product development methodology eliminates risk in the development of new products. Indesign will gather the development team and resources needed to begin the project once we have a finalized Project schedule.

Indesign’s product development approach has been used on projects involving over 100 different clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. Our design development procedure was created to handle complete product development projects, starting with product conceptual design and design implementation into production. However, this methodology could be used for subgroups of product development processes and complete turnkey product design.