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Integration International, Inc. (i3) is a technological services company that provides end-to-end solutions. We assist clients in transforming their business and IT operations to achieve optimal results as specialised global full-service providers and technology-agnostic consultants. We partner-up with our customers all over the world, encompassing multiple continents and more than 80 nations. Every day, we expand sustainably and responsibly thanks to our continuous dedication to fulfil the changing needs of our clients’ businesses.

To obtain the best results, we use our holistic IT services and collaborative team culture to improve any business. We serve our customers worldwide with state-of-the-art business IT solutions and specialised technical services that handle all business concerns in the IT landscape, all while being driven by absolute original thinking. We assist our customers to increase organisational performance while lowering operating costs, enabling them to concentrate on their core capabilities.

For statistical analysis, business insight generation, and implementation, i3Intl employs cutting-edge software. We use innovative data science solutions to develop analytical models on big data and assist our clients in reducing revenue leakages and increasing bottom line productivity. Our team of professionals can help you strategize and optimise operations in new ways.