Intelligent Product Solutions

A Forward Industries Company

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IPS, based in New York, is a multi-award-winning global product development corporation. IPS offers all of the resources necessary to conceptualize, prototype, produce and deliver end products encompassing a wide range of design and technical skills underneath one roof. Forward Industries (NASDAQ: FORD) bought IPS in January 2018, intending to offer clients end-to-end product development, advancement, and manufactured, completed solutions.

IPS provides specialist product design and development expertise, covering the Internet of Things, software application development, UI/UX, and wearable tech applications. We also offer a full-fledghed set of services for designing, engineering, and connecting devices, as well as designing and developing mobile software apps to gather and transport data to the cloud, do analytics, and turn data into useful information.

Our IoT app development experience encompasses external conditions, optical and biometric sensors. The companies are actively and efficiently collaborating and are thrilled by the new venture, and are involved with clients in realizing the expanded vision.