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Iyrix is our identity. We assist you in expanding your company by forming dedicated development teams in Spain. In 2001, Iyrix began as a software development outsourcing company, but quickly shifted to staff expansion — a model that provides customers more control over hiring, development, and team culture while Iyrix handles all other aspects of a cross-functional remote workforce. We rapidly concluded that working remotely was the way of the future. Companies can supply innovative products while also solving the problem of local talent shortages thanks to direct access to new places and various technological capabilities.

Working directly with customers and as part of an international product development team motivates skilled professionals. Working as a team effectively builds momentum, boosts morale, and wins competitions, which is exactly what Iyrix wants for its consumers. We are a company that specializes in designing and constructing web sites for clients all across the country. We offer full, inter-operative systems-integrator solutions in addition to IoT development. As your firm starts on digital transformation projects, our lyrix team will be your partner. Our talented experts can help you with anything from a single project component to whole turn-key solutions.

Iyrix’s innovative, cost-effective, and customizable IoT technology services will help you boost work efficiency and connectivity. We help supplement automation by developing complete IoT solutions that remove errors, automate procedures, speed up small and huge data transfers, and keep your company’s workflow running smoothly.