JDC Group

A Consulting Solutions Company

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JDC Group is committed to delivering excellent SAP Strategic Advices and Technology Workforce Solutions provider. We deliver our extraordinary cutting-edge strategy, technology, and enterprise transformation solutions services to a wide array of organizations regardless of their size that helps them to drive their performance and revenue. JDC Group is known as a Consulting Solutions company that helps various organizations with great SAP Strategies to support their next-generation business initiatives. JDC Group is based in Atlanta, GA, and has earned a reputation with our efforts and dedication towards our fortune clients.

JDC Group was founded in the year 2005 by Johannes Dorsch, who is the founder and president of the organization. In the year 2018, JDC Group came into the field of Consulting Solutions, which is known as one of America’s fastest-growing technology solution sectors and has been flourishing since with great ratings. Our services include SAP strategies, workflow solutions, IoT application development, and much more. We have a team of over 300 experts posted across all of our locations.

Our passion for technology has delivered us the omnipresence we have in the market. Along with our services, we make our clients feel privileged by deeply understanding their SAP ecosystem, holistic IT infrastructure, strategic business initiatives, etc. We strive to deliver solutions that drive rapid, cost-effective, and impactful programs. Our strategies have various companies in getting a world-class operational, technical, and business success. With us, our client gets a professional relationship with full transparency and honesty.