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Knoldus is the leading organization in the world, specializing in Functional Programming (Scala, Rust, Java) and Fast Data (Spark, Flink). Our goal is to build quick data solutions that are both reactive and streaming. With specialized IT solutions, IoT app development, we assist enterprises in building and updating their systems.

Knoldus catalyzes change and delivers results by combining technical skills and business knowledge. We are a mix of talented individuals, people-centric problem-solvers, and technology pioneers on the fast track. We’re a creative engine focused on producing high-quality code to assist our customers in achieving their goals, and we’re driven to help them get the most out of every possibility. Knoldus, backed by an extensive network of authorized strategic partners such as Lightbend, IBM, Datastax, Confluent, Databricks, Knime, Snowflake, and DAML, assists corporate clients, including several Fortune 500 businesses, in developing next-generation technologies that differentiate them.

Knoldus combines industry knowledge, platform solutions, ecosystem partners, and in-house research to assist you in developing and implementing your IoT strategy consultation. For operating speed and flexibility and to react to changes, use exponential technologies including sensors, drones, wearable, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), AI, and edge computing to gather, link, and utilize real-time impulses and data. We operate on the best technologies so that our customers can advantage from our expertise. Not only is this ingrained in our work, but we also assist our clients in training their in-house staff.