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Many successful businesses are outgrowing their present internet of things (IoT) platform due to the exponential expansion of the IoT across industries. Niche IoT systems are either too expensive to scale, lack functionality required by modern IoT devices, or are being phased out during this consolidation period.

OST is ready to collaborate with you and your team, no matter when you’re on your IoT journey. In addition, for IoT platform deployments, we have a dedicated solutions. We’ve helped clients transition from Xively, SAP, and other platforms to AWS in order to help them expand, save money, and create new value. We can efficiently adjust our solution to your company’s individual demands at predictable prices thanks to our patented IoT Foundations IP. Our experts will work with your team one-on-one as you transition from one platform to the next.

When you engage with OST, you’ll benefit from our years of experience designing and migrating IoT platforms, devices, analytics, and other systems. By lowering your risk, expenses, and time to market on a new model, we can take the stress out of this complicated undertaking. Companies with smart products in their portfolios are weighing their options and choosing to switch platforms to OST for these and other reasons.