Pratiti Technologies

Crafting digital Journeys

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Pratiti is a forward-thinking Product Development firm with extensive experience in developing and delivering software solutions based on digital technologies. Pratiti’s staff works with integrity, assurance, and insight to assist their customers generate value, and as a result, they’ve established themselves as a trusted technology partner in their digitalization process.

Pratiti is expanding its reach to businesses across industries, with offices in the United States, India, Singapore, Germany, and Switzerland. Pratiti’s staff possesses a rare combination of domain knowledge and technological expertise. With the level of transformation that IoT has brought about for optimising organisations, a number of firms, both large and small worldwide are harnessing its power.

Pratiti is already partnering to develop long-term relationships under the strong leadership of its Co-Founders. We provide businesses with readily deployable solutions that collect data from sensors and turn it into relevant business insights. We’ve created accelerators that are aligned with the ISA 88 and ISA 95 standards, allowing us to plan your IoT-driven digital transformation in a fast and effective manner.