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Prismetric is the invention of two technologists, each of whom has a strong background in mobile, online, CRM, and business intelligence solutions. Their synergy was excellent, and the company quickly rose to prominence as a premier provider of full-range technical solutions. It has a large clientele in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, European countries, and the United Arab Emirates.

Prismetric has been guided by the mission of providing “customized technology solutions that satisfy clients” since its inception in 2008. Prismetric’s reputation as an off-shore technology business providing better quality solutions is solidified by a dedicated team of 60+ highly trained developers, seasoned project teams, and industry consultants. With the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly becoming a cutting-edge technology, the human-human and human-device interactions have undergone significant changes.

The Internet of Things is all about allowing items connected to the Internet to communicate and share data. This type of interaction is feasible between humans and objects, humans and humans, and even objects and objects. Expertise in utilizing hardware and software to connect physical devices and machinery in a variety of industries. Our skilled staff understands the ins and outs of IoT app development, having produced numerous IoT apps. To automate businesses, we create scalable IoT apps.