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That’s how frequently people all throughout the world come into contact with Qualcomm-improved technology. It may be your smartphone, iPad, or wireless modem in your briefcase… It may even be your car’s navigation system or the action camera you’ve attached to your chest. Developers, scientists, and business strategists are who we are. We come from a variety of nations and speak a variety of languages.

We represent a wide range of cultures and viewpoints. We work collaboratively to achieve a goal: to create ground-breaking technologies that change the way the world connects, computes, and communicates. Innovators, visionaries, rebels, risk-takers, pioneers, and geeks have been used to describe us.

The OS and our trusted security providers work together to keep your device secure, including AI acceleration for faster threat detection. Snapdragon compute platforms’ powerful networking also helps keep your security features up to date and the device accessible for administration services.