Professional software Development

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ScienceSoft is an IT consultancy and software development firm that was founded in 1989. We began as a tiny AI product firm, then transitioned to IT services in 2002, and have since assisted non-IT organisations and software product companies in improving their business performance and rapidly gaining new clients. Consulting, development, data analytics, and app administration are examples of IoT services that strive to optimise and automate an organization’s activities using IoT technology.

ScienceSoft is a ten-year-old IoT vendor that provides a comprehensive range of IoT services to eliminate costly and time-consuming processes. ScienceSoft can help you decrease waste, reduce production cycle time, lower operating costs, increase production quality, and get greater visibility into the manufacturing supply chain by designing and implementing an IIoT solution.

ScienceSoft’s professionals elicit high-level IIoT needs from stakeholders and investigate the organization’s operations in order to design, develop, and deploy mature and flexible IIoT solutions. We build, test, and deploy your IIoT solution after providing a delivery timeline and calculating a project cost. On demand, we provide solution support and performance management services following the IIoT deployment.