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SignaTech has a great vision to help others succeed by using the power of IT. We were founded by the power couple Siva Dakshinamurthy and Girija Jayabal. Growing up in rural India, Sival had dreams of traveling the world and running his own business. He didn’t even know he was marrying Girija and was doing just that – living on three different continents while developing his skills, expertise, and family.

During his 20 years in the business world, he built an impressive resume and collaborated with Fortune 500s to his mother and pop stores. But he never forgot his childhood dream. Finally, in 2010, Siva and Girija made a religious leap and founded SignaTech. Signa Tech recruits, hires, hires, and manages web engineers and software developers in our India office. You dictate the division of labor and priorities. We guarantee the quality of work and the preparation of documentation.

We offer you secure access to your tools and applications. Become an experienced and successful IT professional without having to find and manage them yourself. You and Signa Tech have project and resource management together. The work is divided between you and Signa Tech. Signa Tech uses your tools, approach, and standards while providing you with innovation and best practices.