Simplexity Product Development, Inc.

Simplifying the Complex

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Simplexity is a design and development corporation that aims for increased functionality while lowering product costs and increasing products quality. It specializes in mechatronics, a systems method for building mid-to high-volume products that incorporate mobility, sensors, and electronics. This expertise covers a multitude of industries, focusing on biotech, medical equipment, consumer goods, the Internet of Things, and wearables.

For a component of competitive, Simplexity provides unrivalled competence in mechatronics and embedded motion. They have pre-developed alternatives that minimize the risks and focus specifically if you’re building a product involving motion, sensors, or electronics. For modern age tech giants like HP, Illumina, Microsoft, and Valve, our engineers and designers have extensive experience building modularized elevated solutions.

Our professionals have been named authors on more than 200 patents. The development process at Simplexity is driven by simplicity and an emphasis on technology.We partner with industry executives to create a complete IoT-enabled product design to address the fast-changing mobile and web application development environment.

Our extensive experience with motion control systems at Simplexity underlined the need for specialist systems engineers. Requirement’s collection and analysis, implementation phases, cross-disciplinary adaptive control, and product test and verification are examples of system-level jobs. The systems experts at Simplexity bring these disparate threads together to produce fantastic solutions.