Software Development Consulting

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SingleMind is a multi-award-winning digital product design and development firm based in Portland, Oregon, that works with Fortune 500 firms, innovative startups, and non-profit organizations all over the world. We help businesses survive in today’s ever-evolving, multichannel world of technology with our 14 years of experience in digital product creation and optimization. 

Among the services we provide are: 

mobile app development, web app development, chatbot development, IoT software development, user experience design, visual design, enterprise systems engineering, software integration, web hosting, and support 


We study relevant user data to clarify user demands and address potential difficulties based on your project goals. We then combine this knowledge with human-centered design to identify project goals and innovation opportunities. 


Our strategic solutions are tailored to each project’s specific needs. We build a personalized road plan with project specifics on user journey, technology, platform, compliance, timeframes, and more after we understand your goals, audience, competition, and difficulties. 


To identify user interactions, requirements, and barriers, our designers immerse themselves as your users. Our designers apply their thorough research and experience to improve each action of the user journey and outline a simple user flow, transforming barriers into inventive solutions. 


Our award-winning full-stack developers have considerable experience with a variety of programming languages and platforms and can meet or surpass your technological requirements. Our developers follow a stringent deployment strategy to produce great products on time and on budget, from auditing to budget control to testing. 


Our engineers provide thorough support and maintenance to ensure that your products continue to perform at their peak.