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You’ll find the proper talented individuals at Softeq, all under one roof. You don’t have to deal with many companies if you’re looking for a connected electrical product or a Digital Asset Management system. We will assist you in validating your ideas, even if you’re a new startup trying to spend your investment wisely or an R&D division in a vast company testing the capabilities of proprietary technology.

We’ll walk you through the research stage so you can figure out the best way to put a new product together. Businesses and unique consumer electronics firms can use Softeq’s IoT app development services. We support our clients and customers in the development of smart devices, the conversion of analogue products to digital using sensors, firmware, and IoT platforms, and the development of custom IoT product design (embedded, web, and mobile.

We build native and cross-platform mobile apps that offer on-the-go access to information generated by smart devices and serve as remote controls for IoT systems as part of our IoT app development services. Softeq helps industrial businesses, device makers, and tech startups overcome major gaps in IoT product design: Every expertise project at Softeq starts with a Confirmation of Concept/Discovery Phase. We’ll be able to identify the technological roadblocks to implementing your IoT idea, build a project plan, and set realistic objectives this way.