Software Technology Group, Inc.

If it's software, we can do it!

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In 1992, the Software Technology Group was founded to provide experienced Project Consultation to the elevated and biomedical industries. We built up IoT solutions long before the concept became an advertising buzzword. Software Technology Group has already been in the industry for over 25 years.

At the Software Technology Group, we take on project management responsibilities, collaborating with our clients to identify their needs and chart a course to success. We are an actual project-based software development company with a vital role in selecting and teams to succeed. We also involve our clients in the software development process, allowing them to participate in the road and trip. We build, deliver, and deploy effective technology solutions after whiteboarding with our clients.

Our experience, however, does not stop there; we also work on software systems, including hardware (both electronic and mechanical), software and embedded systems, mobile and app development, and web and information. We are indeed a software company, but our expertise extends to almost everything that has to do with software. The automation tasks are handled by the Software Technology Group. We make things move, detect and monitor them, and incorporate these tasks into the ecosystems of our clients.