Sonatafy Technology, LLC

Nearshore Software Development

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Sonatafy Technology is an elite software, quality and quality improvement company that specializes in complementing your teams with diligent, experienced and educated talent located throughout Latin America. We specialize in creating solutions for the SaaS, healthcare, life sciences, and clinical industries, understanding software compliance, scalability, IP security, and building long-term relationships. Headquartered in the United States and headquartered throughout Latin America, Sonatafy Technology is able to build the necessary team and provide critical time support for software development, testing, support and maintenance for web and mobile applications.

With more than 100 years of technical management, software development experience and proven experience in providing quality talent managed services and consulting, we help clients build high-performance teams for long-term value. Our rigorous customer and candidate engagement process ensures successful results by helping current teams of software and quality engineers achieve maximum performance.

As Sonatafy helps you audit and visualize the software development lifecycle, our team works to identify skills, tools, and cultural needs. To focus our talent pool on software engineering modification, testing, and maintenance. Since the year 2005, Sonatafy has been proudly serving our clients by matching top experts with companies eager to enhance growth and regulate costs. We assist you in accelerating your product and solution strategies by creating teams that act as your direct employees. With our global development centres, we are ready to create the perfect team to take your company beyond your expectations.