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Techolution is a New York-based worldwide business technology consultant with offices in India, Singapore, Indonesia, and Mauritius. We specialize in developing and deploying managed tools and products for customers that are eager to digitally change their businesses, whether they are just getting started or are well on their way. Cloud migrations and automation, IoT app development, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and CX/UX enhancement are all areas where our team of IT experts excels.

Techolution provides IoT strategy consultation and AI services that help companies gain game-changing actionable insights and outcomes, such as competitive market rollouts and product offerings. When it comes to incorporating IoT product design and AI projects, each firm faces significant challenges. As a result, we work with you from the beginning to comprehend your business requirements and improve the solution that is most beneficial to you. Our end-to-end experience and relationships ensure that you go to market as quickly as possible.

Techolution can assist you with all of these areas, whether you’re utilizing one of our off-the-shelf services, designing a bespoke solution, or customizing an existing one. Our IoT development and solutions are future-proof, from the particular entity to its digital system.