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In order to make informed judgments, today’s businesses rely on the cloud, data, and software. This is why the world’s premier brands and corporations turn to Thales to assist them safeguard and gain access to their most important data and software, regardless of where it’s created, exchanged, or stored from the cloud and data centers to devices and throughout networks.

Our solutions help businesses shift to the cloud safely, ensure compliance with confidence, and get more value out of their software by embedding it in devices and services that millions of people use most often. Security experts throughout the world rely on Thales to securely accelerate their organization’s digitalization, whether it’s securing the clouds, digital payments, blockchain, or the Internet of Things. Creating a secure authentication system is only one piece of the puzzle.

The Internet of Things necessitates large-scale management and analysis of digital certificates and their underlying keys, as well as variety of public key algorithms, such as Elliptic Curve Crypto (ECC), which has shorter key lengths and requires less computational power, making it well-suited to constrained IoT devices, all of which are supported by a well-designed public key infrastructure (PKI). Using an HSM is the established PKI best practice for securing your most sensitive keys and business processes.

Thales HSMs will also provide an elevated, independently-certified confidentiality and integrity for your PKI, irrespective of complexity or scale, whether you collaborate with one of our industry-leading PKI clients or tap into our Strategic Services Group’s knowledge and expertise.