The APP Solutions

We are focused on AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud solutions, web and mobile development.

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APP Solutions has been in business since 2013. For the time being, we’ve assembled a team of more than 50 AI and Machine Learning aficionados that are dedicated to using intelligent technology to solve real-world business problems. We are a trusted technology partner for small, medium, and large enterprises looking to use AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud technologies to automate business processes and digitalize workflow in the healthcare, real estate, logistics, and fintech industries.

We are AI developers who are passionate about assisting companies in identifying their irrefutable competitive advantage and developing a software ecosystem. We consistently launch projects across all industries by using limited specialty expertise. From forming the company idea to providing technical assistance after the product is released, we offer full-cycle development services. Clients gain appropriate technology solutions that fuel business success after working with us.