Thinxtream Technologies

Enhance your Connected Products & Smart Services with IoT UX Solutions

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Thinxtream Technologies is a worldwide software development company with a portfolio of inventive Internet of Things (IoT) software applications, component parts, alternatives, patents, proficiencies, and services across a variety of industry verticals and apps, effectively enabling leading clients, such as Fortune 500 companies, to achieve their application, product, and business objectives.

For your IoT solution, Thinxtream may provide DevOps, which is a combination of Development and Operations that automates the procedures and operations of the software development and deployment cycle. We will manage all difficulties coming from the increasing frequency of solution releases throughout your IoT devices, IoT cloud, IoT applications, and other components of the system as part of our IoT management and IoT solution DevOps responsibility.

We will tackle the several combos of embedded hardware and platforms, complicated builds that so often require intricate configuration settings, from generic cross technologies in general to complex board support packages (BSPs), and create performance simulated environments for automation tools, using the right balance of tools and techniques backed by years of professional experience.