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We’ve been helping start-ups, and big companies turn their digital ideas into entertaining, feature-rich applications and services since 2007. Through unique, innovative apps, we develop well-integrated IoT ecosystems. Our IoT experience includes back-end infrastructure and integration, as well as frontend graphical interfaces in HealthTech and AR/VR.

We develop frontend and back-end solutions using the most up-to-date tech stacks, ranging from single-page progressive web apps in React and Vue to multi-tier applications in Python, node.js, and Go deployed on AWS and Google App Engine. Our website designers have a combined experience of more than a decade.

Our staff is capable of producing well-integrated, cutting-edge online solutions for your organisation, from working on complicated structures to designing responsive frontend apps. We developed multiple engagement models tailored to your needs based on our significant experience working with customers spanning from innovative startups to Fortune 500 companies.