We help companies deliver on the cloud promise.

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Trek10 is an Amazon Web Services Premier Partner and your cloud native advisor. We have the advantage of focusing solely on how AWS products and services add value to our clients since we are 100 percent focused on AWS. AWS thought leadership, world-class execution, and a tireless focus on our customers’ demands are all trademarks of our company.

Trek10 assists you in realising the potential of the Internet of Things by leading you through the process of supporting your devices to AWS and building, developing, and fully supporting your AWS cloud infrastructure. Our customers obtain dependable and secure IoT ecosystems designed on a pay-per-use cost basis and consistent with best practises.

We assist customers in visualising how their project will look once it is implemented, and we provide detailed documentation outlining our conversations, findings, and proposed design. We are experts at connecting IoT devices to AWS, ingesting, processing, analysing, and storing data at huge numbers, and providing data access through APIs, dashboards, and data analysis.