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Tryon Creek Software is a privately held Portland, Oregon company with offices in North Palm Beach, FL. In the pursuit of better customer focus and end-user experience, Tryon is based on the principles that lead to good business, successful employees, happy customers, and great software products. The board offers a mix of Tryon’s internal staff and external influencers, each with more than eleven years of qualified software development experience in a senior leadership or management role.

The company is well funded, without foreign investors allowing it to focus solely on the needs of its customers. Result-oriented designs lead to great products when the right people are involved. Our US software teams are under none. With an excellent mix of creativity and technical capabilities, we adapt to new environments and business areas. High-quality software design is a unique skill, and our main designers are at the forefront of their field in the areas of product and graphic design, usability, and business automation.

Tryon’s management team consists of exceptional individuals, all with decades of software development and management experience. Tryon’s quality control teams approach product testing with almost fanatical enthusiasm. Each member approaches the quality of the product through the eyes of a potential end-user. We are dedicated towards supporting our regional communities.